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The ultimate AI Wedding Speech Writer

Where AI meets romance, our AI wedding speech generator creates speeches as unique as your love story.

Your Love Story, Beautifully Told

Helping you to write a heartfelt speech

Whether you're the bride, groom, best man, maid of honor, or a proud parent, our AI wedding speech generator is here to help you craft the perfect speech. We focus on personal stories, ensuring your speech is far from generic and truly tells your unique story.

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"It was like I had a pro writer in my pocket, turning what I thought into words that really hit home for everyone."

David Bianchi  |  New York - US


Step 1

Get started

Step 1 Copy

Start your journey FOR FREE and get a firsthand look at how we craft your speech! Just like chatting with a friend who's an expert speechwriter, our AI dives into your unique story with the bride/groom by asking you personalized questions and gathering your favorite anecdotes. This way, we begin piecing together your brainstorming puzzle.

Step 2

Create a draft


After the chat, our AI Wedding Speech writer works its magic, transforming your thoughts into a clear and organized draft. Say goodbye to blank pages and struggling with words.

The first version of your wedding speech will be ready in no time.

Step 3

Make it your own


Although the draft of your wedding speech will already be based on your experiences with the happy couple, you might want to edit it to truly make it your own.

That’s why our public speaking coaches have created an AI-assisted editing mode, that helps you adjust the wedding speech to your liking.

No matter your role, we've got you covered

Pick your speech type

Whether you’re writing a speech for a friend, brother or sister, son or daughter, we’re here to help you out!

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Our AI wedding speech generator will help you from now until the big day

We understand that you might want to practice your speech and make changes between now and the big day. No worries our AI wedding speechwriter is not a one-time service. In contrast to real-life assistants, your AI assistants don’t need sleep and are available whenever you need them.

Start for free

Rest asured, you can experience the magic our our speech writer for free.

fast & easy

A personalised wedding speech created in minutes 


AI assisted editing mode (unlimited revisions)

Always available

24/7 Accesible even after the wedding 


Our AI is based on the most advanced models only

Our AI speechwriting tool has helped over 5000+ people World Wide with creating their story, here are some of their impressions of our app.

This app was a lifesaver for my speech at my daughter's wedding. It helped me sort out my thoughts and pull together a really special speech.


Hawaii - US
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This app nailed it for Brandon's wedding. Turned my rough-and-tumble thoughts into a speech that was all guts, glory, and a good dose of humor - just like our friendship.

Stephan Smith

New York - US
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Wedding AI helped me express my deepest feelings in my vows. It was like having a friend who knew exactly what my heart wanted to say to the love of my life.

Laura van Mierlo

Antwerp - Belgium
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Ready to write your speech?

Creating a great wedding speech doesn’t have to be a daunting task. We will help you create a wedding speech in no time so you can focus on practising it and confidently deliver it when the big day arrives. Don’t forget to enjoy the moment. As long as you tell an honest heartfelt story, the happy couple will be moved and deeply appreciate your words.

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