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Meet Verble, your free AI speechwriting assistant that helps you master the art of verbal persuasion and storytelling.

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Speak with impact

Meet Verble, your free AI speechwriting assistant that helps you master the art of verbal persuasion and storytelling.

It's 100% free


Everyone's got a story. 

Express yourself effectively and with confidence

Whether you deliver a business pitch, a keynote address, or a heartfelt wedding speech, we're committed to helping you get your story out. We believe in the power of your story, your idea, your case - and we think everyone should have the chance to share theirs.

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More than just A.I.

Designed by experts

It's your professional speechwriter and public speaking coach, all in one. It is designed by industry experts who understand the art of crafting compelling narratives and effective delivery. Every interaction with Verble is like working side-by-side with a seasoned pro, guiding you at every step towards a persuasive, impactful talk.

Create your free Verble in a couple of minutes

Step 1

Chat with us

Kickstart your preparation by having a quick chat with your AI assistant. You will get targeted questions that help you share your thoughts, audience, and your message. No stress about where to begin or what to say. Verble is here to guide you. 


Step 2

Create a draft

After the chat, Verble works its magic, transforming your thoughts into a clear and organized draft. Say goodbye to blank pages and struggling with words. Verble gives you a steady starting point, reducing the hassle and saving you time.


Step 3

Make it your own

Our speech coaches have spent years analyzing the best speakers in the world. We incorporated that expertise into the smart editing mode. You will be able to use the techniques that the Steve Jobs’ and Jacinda Ardern’s of this world are using to make their speeches stand out. 


"With Verble, it feels like you have your own personal speechwriter in your pocket. It makes it really easy to prepare talks quickly!"

Gabrielle Davelaar  |  Senior AI Specialist Global @ Microsoft


No matter the event

Verble's got you covered

Unlike generic chat platforms, Verble has been designed with the diversity of public speaking in mind. It understands the nuances between different types of speeches and guides you to tailor your message accordingly. 

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Present new ideas to management

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Pitch your company to a group of investors

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Keynote at a business event

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Thank a colleague

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Giving a persuasive sales pitch

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Speeching at your friend's wedding

"As an ENT Surgeon, I've found Verble
to be an invaluable app for
transforming complex medical
concepts into clear, engaging presentations and research keynotes."

Louise Heeren

ENT Surgeon @ UMC Utrecht
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"Verble's user-friendly interface and innovative speaker techniques make it a powerful tool for startup founders looking to nail their investor pitches, particularly the challenging short versions."

Stefan van Duin

VC Investor @ Borski

From public speaking to important meetings, Verble is a fantastic tool during preparation. It's not only innovative but also sparks new ideas that we have applied in our investor pitches."

Laurens van Mierlo

CEO @ Campy App
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Travel size speaking coach

Always by your side

Unlike traditional in-person coaching, Verble is available for you anytime, anywhere. There's no need to align schedules or travel for a meeting. Whether you're prepping for a last-minute presentation or working on a speech in the wee hours, Verble is just a few clicks away, ready to help you craft a compelling story.

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Your free A.I. speechwriting assistant that helps you master the art of verbal persuasion and storytelling.

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