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Wedding Vows

The big day is approaching and it’s time to write your vows. putting your memories, hopes and wishes on paper can be tough. So where do you start? How do you tell the person you love so much what they mean to you? Sometimes all you need is someone to spar with. Someone who asks the questions that help you structure your thoughts. Someone who gives you some friendly advice on how you could tell your story. And most importantly, someone who does so without judgement. That is exactly what we’re trying to do at Wedding AI, being the judgment-free partner that helps you get your story out. 

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Can (our) AI write personal vows?
The fact that we use advanced AI to help you write your vows doesn’t mean that you will create a generic speech, that would not be fitting to the occasion. Instead, think of the AI as a wedding planner for speeches. When you ask for help with planning your wedding, you want someone who’s seen hundreds of weddings and knows which questions to ask. Our AI is trained on wedding speeches and will use that knowledge to turn your thoughts into unforgettable vows. 

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Just like a real coach

How it works

Our AI leverages personalized questions to understand you and your partner, creating a unique wedding speech. It employs public speaking techniques used by the world's best speakers, ensuring the speech reflects your style and desires. The AI then generates a first draft, which you can personalize and optimize in our AI editing mode.

This ensures the speech is not just perfect, but perfect for you. After writing, practice your vows using our speaker note function, transforming your speech into a structured outline for a more natural delivery.

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