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As the person chosen to give a wedding toast, you're getting ready to share some beautiful words on a really important day. It's your chance to talk about the couple's journey, from how they started to this exciting new chapter they're stepping into together. Finding the right words to show how much you care can be a bit tricky, but it's all about sharing from the heart.

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Wedding AI is here to help you turn your thoughts and feelings into a toast that truly reflects how much the couple means to you and your excitement for their future. Our tool is super easy to use and will guide you through making a speech that's both meaningful and unforgettable.

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Here's How It Works Starting off, you'll have a chat with our AI, telling it all about your favorite moments with the couple, how they make you feel, and what you wish for them as they start this new journey. This chat helps us get a feel for your unique connection with the couple and what you want to say. Then, our AI comes up with a first version of your toast that captures all those feelings.

Next, you can play around with it using our editing tools. Add more personal touches, change up the feelings a bit, or polish the details until it's just perfect. This way, your toast doesn't just celebrate the couple's love and future, but it also feels 100% you, ready to share on their big day.

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With Wedding AI, you'll create a wedding toast that not only brings smiles and maybe a few happy tears but also stays remembered as one of the day's highlights.

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