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As the mastermind behind the groom's wedding roast, you're poised to deliver a segment that's as entertaining as it is unforgettable, celebrating his journey, quirks, and the love story that has led to this day. This event is your chance to weave together tales from his childhood, the awkward teenage years, and the remarkable man he has become, all while casting an affectionate and humorous light on his future with his partner. Crafting the perfect blend of humor, nostalgia, and forward-looking optimism is no small feat.

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Wedding AI offers a creative solution by turning your anecdotes, affectionate jests, and well-wishes into a roast that genuinely reflects your relationship with the groom and your excitement for his next chapter. Our platform is tailored to guide you effortlessly through the creation of a roast that's as heartwarming as it is hilarious.

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Get Ready to Lighten the Mood

How it works

To sculpt your roast with Wedding AI, you'll start by recounting your funniest memories, the groom's peculiar habits, and your hopes for his marital bliss in an engaging chat with our AI. This dialogue helps us grasp the special bond you share with the groom and the essence of the laughter you want to bring to the celebration. The AI then crafts a draft that nails the humorous yet affectionate tone you're aiming for.

Next, using our intuitive editing tools, you can inject more personal stories, tweak the humor level, or fine-tune the jests to ensure the roast not only highlights the groom's journey and love story but also resonates with your unique sense of humor. This collaborative process guarantees your roast will not just entertain but also touch the hearts of all present, making for an unforgettable highlight of the celebration.

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Let the Roasting Begin!

With Wedding AI, create a roast that will keep the laughter going and become a treasured highlight of the wedding day.

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