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Are you looking for help to write an authentic maid of honor speech that the audience and especially the couple will cherish for the rest of her life? We’re here to help you out. It can be tough to turn all your experiences into a great maid of honor speech. And you’re probably here because you want help on where you need to start. 

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But what if you come up with new ideas between now and the wedding? No problem, we understand that writing a maid of honor speech is a creative process. So you will be able to access your maid of honor speech 24/7, forever, even after the wedding.

We have also created a special speaker note function. This helps you to transform you’re written out maid of honor speech into convenient speaking notes that make it easy to tell your story on the big day. Ready to prepare an unforgettable maid of honor speech? Get started for free!

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Making a speech with our AI app

How it works

Wedding AI makes writing your maid of honor speech fun and easy. It starts by asking you casual questions about your bond with the bride and couple, helping you share your best stories and memories. In no time, you'll have a first draft ready.

Our special edit mode lets you tweak and perfect your speech, adding your own touch and even cool speaking tricks used by top speakers. This way, you get a speech that’s not just heartfelt but also a crowd-pleaser. It’s like having a friendly speechwriting buddy, turning the task into a breeze!

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So let’s get ready for the big day and prepare a best man speech that the couple will remember for the rest of their lives. 

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