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Stepping into the cherished role of the Father of the bride means embracing a moment filled with pride, joy, and a touch of nostalgia. It's about delivering a speech that encapsulates the journey of watching your daughter grow into the remarkable woman she is today, ready to embark on her own adventure of love and partnership. But how do you weave those precious memories, hopes, and heartfelt advice into words that resonate with everyone present, especially your daughter and her partner?

That's where Wedding AI steps in. Our dad-of-the-bride speech generator is crafted with insights from seasoned speechwriters who understand the unique blend of emotion and celebration this moment demands. We've distilled years of experience into a tool that guides you in creating a speech that not only honors your daughter but also warmly welcomes your new son or daughter-in-law into the family.

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Making a speech with our AI app

How it works

Our process begins with a friendly, interactive chat, allowing our AI to gather insights about your relationship with your daughter and her significant journey. This conversation lays the foundation for a speech that captures the essence of your feelings and memories. Once the chat is complete, our AI crafts a draft for you to review and refine.

Understanding the depth of a father's bond with his daughter, we offer an editing mode filled with AI-enhanced features for personalizing your speech. Whether you recall a fond memory late at night or wish to impart last-minute wisdom, your speech remains accessible for continuous refinement, ensuring it perfectly reflects your sentiments.


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Start your journey FOR FREE and get a firsthand look at how we craft your speech! Just like chatting with a friend who's an expert speechwriter, our AI dives into your unique story with the bride/groom by asking you personalized questions and gathering your favorite anecdotes. This way, we begin piecing together your brainstorming puzzle.

Step 2

Create a draft


After the chat, our AI Wedding Speech writer works its magic, transforming your thoughts into a clear and organized draft. Say goodbye to blank pages and struggling with words.

The first version of your wedding speech will be ready in no time.

Step 3

Make it your own


Although the draft of your wedding speech will already be based on your experiences with the happy couple, you might want to edit it to truly make it your own.

That’s why our public speaking coaches have created an AI-assisted editing mode, that helps you adjust the wedding speech to your liking.

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"It was like I had a pro writer in my pocket, turning what I thought into words that really hit home for everyone."

David Bianchi  |  New York - US


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Embark on this heartfelt journey with Wedding AI, and let's create a dad-of-the-bride speech that will be treasured for a lifetime.

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