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Wedding Vows

The big day is approaching and it’s time to write your vows. putting your memories, hopes and wishes on paper can be tough. So where do you start? How do you tell the person you love so much what they mean to you? Sometimes all you need is someone to spar with...

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Best Man Speech

Congratulations you’ve been given the honorary role of being the best man. Whether it’s your best friend or brother that’s the one marrying it’s up to you to give a speech that captures the attention of the audience and makes the groom feel extra special...

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Maid of Honor Speech

Are you looking for help to write an authentic maid of honor speech that the audience and especially the couple will cherish for the rest of her life? We’re here to help you out. It can be tough to turn all your experiences into a great maid of honor speech...

Father bride

Father of the Bride

Stepping into the cherished role of the dad of the bride means embracing a moment filled with pride, joy, and a touch of nostalgia. It's about delivering a speech that encapsulates the journey of watching your daughter grow into the remarkable woman she is today, ready to embark...

Mother bride

Mother of the Bride

As the mom of the bride, you're about to share one of the most heartfelt moments with your daughter on her big day. It's a time to reflect on the journey that's led her here and the wonderful future that lies ahead with her partner. Crafting a speech that captures all the love, pride, and hopes...

Father groom

Father of the Groom

As the father of the groom, you stand at a proud moment, poised to share insights, joys, and well-wishes for your son and his partner on their special day. This speech is a unique opportunity to express your pride, love, and hopes for their future together...

Mother groom

Mother of the Groom

As a mother to the groom, you're about to share a speech on a deeply special day, celebrating his love and the journey ahead. This moment is about connecting the dots between his first steps to the person he's grown to be, all while looking forward to his new life with his partner...

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Wedding Roasts

As the mastermind behind the groom's wedding roast, you're poised to deliver a segment that's as entertaining as it is unforgettable, celebrating his journey, quirks, and the love story that has led to this day. This event is your chance to weave together tales...

Wedding toast 02

Wedding Toasts

As the person chosen to give a wedding toast, you're getting ready to share some beautiful words on a really important day. It's your chance to talk about the couple's journey, from how they started to this exciting new chapter they're stepping into together...

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