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Do you dream of delivering an authentic, memorable speech at an upcoming wedding? Wedding AI is here to turn that dream into reality. 

Join over 5,000 individuals who've crafted genuine, touching wedding speeches. Our AI, designed by expert public speaking coaches, is ready to assist you 24/7, ensuring you can create and refine your speech whenever inspiration strikes. Don’t let writer's block or high costs stand in the way of your story.

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$49,99 for $14.99

What you get:

  • ∞ Unlimited drafts
  • ∞ Unlimited AI editing
  • 24/7 Access forever
  • Text to speaker notes

We understand that you might want to try out the tool first. That’s why you can get started for free!

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Offering affordable speechwriting

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Traditional speechwriting services can easily set you back anywhere from $300 to $600+, a steep price for expressing your heartfelt emotions. We believe everyone deserves the chance to share their feelings in a meaningful way, without breaking the bank.

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Your free A.I. speechwriting assistant that helps you master the art of verbal persuasion and storytelling.

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