Making memorable wedding speeches

by Devin van den Berg

"In my professional quest to elevate the art of speech-making, I, Devin, have leveraged my expertise to develop an AI tool with a singular mission: to democratize the creation of memorable wedding speeches. My experience in the field has shown me the transformative power of a heartfelt speech, and I believe this power shouldn't be confined to those who can access professional coaching.

With this vision, I've designed our AI to be a resource for everyone, ensuring that regardless of where you are or when you need it, crafting a touching and impactful wedding speech is within your reach. This tool embodies my commitment to making high-quality speech writing accessible to all, so that anyone can share their story with confidence and authenticity on their special day."

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Devin van den Berg, founder of Verble / Wedding AI


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Powered by Verble

Wedding AI, powered by Verble, is brought to life by a dynamic team. With backgrounds in debate, entrepreneurship, engineering, and design, we harness cutting-edge technology to transform and democratize public speaking. Our collective vision is to make impactful communication accessible to everyone, everywhere.


Devin van den Berg

Devin is three-time Dutch National Debate Champion and a former World Debate Championship semi-finalist. He spent the last 10 years training professionals and politicians to tell persuasive stories. With Verble Devin strives to make public speaking accessible to all.


Victor Straatman

Victor, founder of, and Entrepreneur in Residence at 4Impact, has both been at the giving and receiving end of presentations for years. His desire for a tool that could help him prepare presentations was one of the drivers for starting Verble.


Thibault Gloaguen

Introducing Thibault, a French engineer residing in Amsterdam. Born in Paris and raised in Martinique, he embodies diversity and a vibrant spirit. Fluent in French, English, and Javascript. Outside of work, he enjoys playing golf.


Ronald Hagenstein

Ronald is a seasoned designer with over 15 years of experience and a passion for creating captivating designs. In addition to his design expertise, Ronald has also founded and, two ventures that showcase his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to innovation.

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Ready to write your speech?

Creating a great wedding speech doesn’t have to be a daunting task. We will help you create a wedding speech in no time so you can focus on practising it and confidently deliver it when the big day arrives. Don’t forget to enjoy the moment. As long as you tell an honest heartfelt story, the happy couple will be moved and deeply appreciate your words.

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Your free A.I. speechwriting assistant that helps you master the art of verbal persuasion and storytelling.

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